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Welcome to
Frame by Frame!

We have currently closed submissions for our upcoming workshop series scheduled for August. We look forward to sharing the amazing results soon to come!

Who Are We

Frame by Frame is a Toronto-based organization with a passion for stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is a versatile medium that blends various art forms to foster creative expression. Our mission is to make this unique art-form accessible to participants of all abilities, offering flexible and adaptive programming.

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Workshop Series

This August, we are initiating a community-based collaborative project, inviting five emerging to mid-career artists from the Disabled community to explore the potential of stop motion animation. Each participant will be paired with a professional animator for this exploration. Prior experience in stop motion is not a prerequisite, just your passion for art.

Join our series of four workshops on Tuesday evenings - August 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd, 2023, from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

NOTE: The application is now closed.

Each participant will receive an honorarium of $400 for their participation in the series.

The first session will be online, and the next three will be in-person at the Tangled Arts gallery in the 401 Richmond building.

Please apply by July 20th @11:59pm. Applicants will be notified by

July 24th.

NOTE: The application is now closed.

The Theme: How Has Art Affected You?
Delve into the impact of art on our lives in this workshop
Together, we'll create 15-20 second stop motion animations
The animations will be showcased both at the Tangled Arts gallery and online

For the workshop you will be paired with an

experienced stop motion animator

Una Di Gallo

Animator, illustrator, and filmmaker living in Toronto. She works primarily in independent and experimental animation, but has worn many hats in the industry. Her third short, Northened, is currently in production. In her spare time, she makes music and publishes zines.

Akash Jones

An emerging black director/animator whose work usually consists of two things. Telling stories that are true to his experience and culture or bringing worlds to life with the art of stop-motion. A TMU film graduate currently aiming to make his mark in the animation and film industries.

Terry Ibele

An award-winning stop motion and 2D animator from Toronto. His credits include Ultra City Smiths, Let's Go Luna, and personal projects like The Silly Duck Wizard. In his spare time he runs the Animation Industry Podcast, a weekly show interviewing today's animation pros.

Cristal Buemi

Cristal is a Puerto Rican Canadian Latinx multimedia artist. Although, stop motion animation really has her heart.  Her work is nature and texture based, while pushing frame-by-frame boundaries by exploring the materiality and inherent beauty found in the minutia.  In her spare time, you can find Cristal usually outside in the sun gathering found materials while listening to reggaeton.

Kyla Atlas

Kyla is a stop motion animator and director. She is owner of See You On The Moon, a Toronto based stop motion production company. She adores stop motion for its hand-made nature and how wonderfully collaborative any given project can be. Aside from animation, she loves softball, euchre, and prefers corn chips to potato.


Workshop is open to artists aged 18 and above
Artists should identify as part of the Mad, Deaf, or Disability Arts Community
Artists from any medium are welcome
Participants must be open to collaboration and learning new skills outside their main discipline

Participants must commit to attend all workshop sessions



Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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